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How Our Family Members Feel

"You are constantly being empowered and encouraged to try new things, allowing you to find your true passion and feel like you are working on the company, not simply for the company." 
Project Manager

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We're Hiring!

Apply to join our Talent Pool

Our Personal Assistant and Management team is continually growing, and we're always on the lookout for talented individuals to join us.

If you are interested in future opportunities, explore the type of positions we recruit for below and proactively submit your resume for when the right opportunity arises. Our Recruitment team will reach out within 1-2 business days to discuss potential next steps.

Please note that these are not active positions, but we are always looking to get connected with strong talent for future opportunities!

Roles We Frequently Hire

Apply to one of the jobs below to be added to our talent pool and be considered for future opportunities!

Join Our Network

Become a vendor or community partner.

We are constantly expanding our network of vendors and community partners, as these professionals are a vital part of our company's operations. When our clients need specialized professional services, such as landscaping, pet grooming, or home remodeling, their personal assistant will reach out to an individual within our network to get the job done. 

What Our Community 
Partners Think

"It is a great pleasure to work with My Family Lounge. The leadership is well organized, humble, communicative, supportive, and flexible. The culture is very welcoming and everyone feels like family (dogs included)!"

Accounting & Finance 

Community Partner


Vendors We Are Currently Looking For

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Private Chefs

Professional Caterers

Bakery Chefs & Artists

Event Coordinators

Pet Grooming Specialists

Lifestyle Service



Deep Clean Specialists

Security Technicians

Appliance Technicians

In-Home Nannys

 Professional Movers
 Interior Decorators

Home Service Providers

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Menu Drafters

Personal Trainers

Private Yoga Instructors

Athletic Coaches

Health & Wellness


Deep Clean Specialists

Security Technicians

Appliance Technicians

In-Home Nannys

 Professional Movers
 Interior Decorators


Social Media Managers

Financial Advisors & 

Content Creators

 Professional Recruiters

 Business Development


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