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Let Us Be Your Extended Family

Whether you call it a family, a tribe, or a network, we know that it can't be done alone. We have you covered with our detailed approach. 


Virtual Consultation To Learn Your Needs

With an initial call, explore all of the ways in which the combination of our personal assistants and Client Success Managers can make every aspect of your life easier. During this consultation, we will start to understand your needs to ensure you get matched with the best membership for you and your family.


Recruit Your Team 
of Specialists

You will work with your dedicated Client Success Manager to determine what type of specialists are needed to make your life simpler. Whether you need a dedicated  personal assistant, a private chef, a personal trainer, a gardener, or a housekeeper, our team completes the end-to-end recruiting process to save you time: sourcing, screening, interviewing, running reference and background checks, etc. 


Get Onboarded with your Assistant

After you sign up for your membership, we will send over your Welcome Packet and begin your onboarding process to set you up with your personal assistant. Your dedicated Client Success Manager will be your main point of contact during this process. From there, an onboarding call will be scheduled to review your packet, start to learn your preferences and urgent tasks, as well as answer any questions you may have. Your personal assistant will work directly on your tasks in coordination with your Client Success Manager to ensure that your projects run smoothly. 


Finalize your Project 
Management Dashboard 

We understand that a strong start is imperative to success. Right away, your Client Success Manager finalizes your project management dashboard in coordination with your assistant, specific to you based on the onboarding call. Your plan ensures continued success and alignment, evolving as your needs and projects change over time. 


Conduct Regular

Your Client Success Manager conducts regular check-ins based on your preferred communication style, to facilitate a successful working relationship between you and your personal assistant. Whether you feel most comfortable having weekly calls to discuss your projects, or you prefer checking in over email or text every morning to go through the urgent tasks for that specific day, My Family Lounge can adapt.


Each membership also includes monthly check-in calls from My Family Lounge management to ensure you are having a positive experience.


Relax & Enjoy
Everyday Luxury

Using your personalized Project Management dashboard, request tasks, monitor activity, and enjoy everyday luxury knowing that your to-do list is being tackled by someone you trust. Use your newly found free time to focus on what's most important to you! 

What to Expect from Us

Cost - Effectiveness

Save both time and money by letting your dedicated Assistant find experts, collect the best quotes, and manage the entire project from start to finish. 

Peace - of - Mind


Put your mind at ease by having an Assistant to handle any range of projects or requests for you and your family whenever you need them.



Your Client Success Manager and dedicated Assistant understand the value of you and your family's time. We promise to quickly and efficiently adapt to your needs as if they were our own. 

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Trust and integrity are two of our core values, so we take your confidentiality seriously. Rest assured, your to-do list is being completed with the help of someone you can rely on.

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