Redefining Luxury 

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The concept of making your life easier through everyday luxury didn't form overnight. My Family Lounge grew from over a decade of experience as creators of Design Everest, a leading custom home development and remodeling platform.

Through our work with busy homeowners, we noticed a consistent theme when it came to the clientele: a vast majority of them were business and startup owners who needed support with their business, but did not have the time to focus on the needs of their homes with their fast-paced entrepreneurial lifestyles. 

Inspired by high-end hospitality, My Family Lounge implemented a concierge-style concept to bring a five-star experience to the comfort of your own business and home. Instead of wondering how much time you will have after work to plan events and finish tasks, our Project Managers will ensure it gets done for you, bringing a level of luxury to your life that makes you feel like you're on vacation every day.

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Our Ecosystem

My Family Lounge is a part of the Open Growth Ventures ecosystem, an open community of change-makers, technologists, entrepreneurs, developers, and media professionals who are determined to work together to solve societal issues. Explore below some of the Open Growth initiatives that we closely work with.

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