What is Everyday Luxury?

Everyday Luxury is living in a constant state of peace. It means having the freedom to focus on what matters most to you. Your time is optimized, and you get to spend it doing what you enjoy, knowing that your to-do-list is getting handled by a professional.


Our Services

Want to see how we're providing Every Luxury to our clients? Explore our services below.

Vendor Sourcing & Oversight

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✔︎   Source and vet professionals

✔︎   Coordinate and schedule on and off-            site vendors 

✔︎   Oversee vendors' quality of work 

✔︎   Manage and maintain vendor                        relationships

✔︎   Handle all communications and provide        necessary information to professionals

✔︎   File complaints and resolve issues with          vendors and service providers

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   Bill Payments & Light Bookkeeping

✔︎   Set up automatic payments

✔︎   Track and manage recurring monthly            expenses                      

✔︎   Tax filing and extension assistance

✔︎   Handle discrepancies such as unfamiliar        invoices, double charges, or suspicious          activity

✔︎   Bill and invoice management                          and payments

✔︎   Financial document organization

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Home & Estate Management

✔︎   Online grocery and personal supply              shopping

✔︎   Personal errands and chores

✔︎   Order food and gift deliveries 

✔︎   Resolve issues with home service                     providers 

✔︎   Book home services such as cleaning            and outdoor services

✔︎   Manage and oversee home renovation          projects 

Small Business Support

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✔︎   Inbox management and clean-up

✔︎   Preparation for meetings and agenda            drafting

✔︎   Note taking and reminders

✔︎   General project management and                  oversight 

✔︎   Administrative duties such as expense          tracking, reimbursements, and HR                  support

✔︎  Office management such as tracking              office inventory and business supplies 

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Schedule & Calendar Management

✔︎   Coordinate personal and professional           scheduling

✔︎   Organize event dates and appointment        confirmations

✔︎   Handle schedule changes and                        communications 

✔︎   Manage family schedules and requests

✔︎   Reminders for important dates and                agenda drafting for upcoming meetings

✔︎   Respond to schedule inquiries and                meeting requests

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Event Management & Organization

✔︎   Plan and organize events from start to          finish

✔︎   Manage guest list and RSVPs

✔︎   Design and mail out invitations

✔︎   Write event to-do-list and take notes 

✔︎   Coordinate recurring and non-recurring        events

✔︎  Book caterers, cleaning crews, and other       needed professionals

Research & Online Shopping

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✔︎   Research on business products, gifts for        loved ones, and home appliances

✔︎   Discover opportunities and offerings to        add value to your life

✔︎   Local business and vendor research

✔︎   Research for children activities and                family resources

✔︎   Online purchases for personal,                         business, and family needs

✔︎   Source family-friendly and eating                    restriction-friendly restaurants

Travel Planning & Assistance

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✔︎   Recommend and book deals and                  promotions based on your request and        preferences

✔︎   Book activities and purchase tickets

✔︎   Source and book hotels and Airbnbs

✔︎   Schedule dinner reservations

✔︎   Work closely with your travel agent to            gauge your desires and needs

✔︎   Assist with passport, visa, and Real ID            obtainment

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Family & Family Office Assistance

✔︎   Send gifts and mail

✔︎   Work alongside you to provide in-home        support such as meal-prepping, light            housekeeping, and errands

✔︎   Family and pet appointment scheduling        and  management

✔︎   Research to source credible medical              professionals, therapists, teachers, etc

✔︎   Manage household grocery and supply         inventory

✔︎   Book extracurricular and family activities

Second Home Management

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✔︎   Manage physical mail to second home          or PO box

✔︎   Screen guests to stay in home

✔︎   Hire cleaning crews and maintenance            professionals to prepare home

✔︎   Coordinate fridge and supply restocking

✔︎   Handle monthly expenses and bill                  payments

✔︎   Airbnb maintenance and management

These are some of our most popular services. Don't see what you're looking for? No worries! We can most likely assist with your request. Contact us today with your service request to find out more. 


Thank you for requesting your service with us!

What Everyday Luxury Means to Our Clients

Entrepreneur & CEO

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Everyday Luxury to me means that I can spend the day focusing on advancing my business, and return to my home perfectly cleaned with my dry cleaning delivered and ready for my next day's meetings. I can honestly get so much more done with my business knowing these tasks are being handled for me.