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Household Management Case Study: New York City

Helping our New York-based clients resolve challenges in their day-to-day and family life. We have you covered with our detailed approach.  

About Our New York Client

Our clients, a busy New-York based family, have highly active personal and professional lives. They were burdened with organizing their home as well as their personal lives. They needed to structure their home management and operations. They needed assistance with building their household team such as a nanny, cook, and housekeeper, as well as oversight of the entire household staff.

Their Household Management Challenge

The family faced the challenge of balancing their bustling household as well as keeping up with their demanding schedules. They did not have the time to vet, hire, or manage various specialized assistants such as a nanny, cook, or housekeeper. While they needed a comprehensive support system to organize and manage their lives, they also needed support to manage the entire household staff.

The My Family Lounge Solution

Our team understood the unique needs of our clients. We did a meticulous analysis to determine the areas of support where they needed the most amount of help. We leveraged our recruitment expertise and industry knowledge to source and vet highly qualified and experienced candidates for the nanny, cook, housekeeper roles, and beyond. Additionally, our recruitment team also sourced a highly experienced household manager with a house management background to oversee and manage all the household staff efficiently. In this manner, we recruited and assembled the entire household staff team.

Impact and Results 

Our personalized solution resulted in various benefits for our clients:

✔︎  Effective streamlining of all household operations: Our clients have experienced a significant improvement in the efficiency of the household management operations with the help of the house manager and the entire team of assistants. The house manager effectively oversees the household staff, ensuring smooth management of the entire home.

✔︎  Time savings and reduced burden: The streamlined household operations have alleviated the household burden for the family. With the support of the household manager and the team of assistants, the family now experiences invaluable peace of mind, enabling them to thrive in their daily lives. They can now conserve considerable time and energy, allowing them to concentrate on their passions and priorities.

✔︎  Improved quality of life: As a result of the assistance provided by the house manager, our clients now enjoy a better quality of life. They are now able to dedicate more time to enjoying each other's company and pursuing shared interests.

What to Expect From Our Household Management Services

Bespoke Approach

Experience the ultimate tranquility by entrusting your projects and requests to our Assistant service. Whether it's for personal tasks or family needs, our personal household assistants are readily available to manage any project with precision and care. Rest assured, knowing that everything is handled professionally and efficiently, leaving you to enjoy a stress-free environment with your loved ones.


Your household personal assistant and Client Success Manager fully appreciate the significance of your and your family's time. Always ready to respond swiftly and effectively, they adapt to your household needs with the utmost dedication, treating each task as if it were their own. This commitment ensures that you receive prompt and personalized assistance whenever required, helping you maintain a smoothly running home in New York.

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Trust and integrity are at the absolute heart of our household management and personal assistant services. We prioritize your confidentiality with the utmost seriousness. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your household tasks are being managed by someone dependable. Rest easy as your to-do list is tackled reliably and discreetly, ensuring your New York home runs smoothly and securely.

Cost Optimization

Maximize your New York budget and streamline your schedule with our dedicated personal assistant services. Our team specializes in efficiently managing your household projects from inception to completion. We meticulously select experts suited to your specific needs and gather competitive quotes to ensure you get the best value. Let us handle the details, saving you time and money without compromising on quality.

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