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Estate Management Case Study from Atlanta

Helping our Atlanta-based clients resolve estate management challenges. We have you covered with our detailed approach.  

About Our Atlanta Client

Our Atlanta-based client owns and manages a portfolio of properties, including a sprawling estate in Atlanta. Balancing his professional duties with the responsibilities of estate management has become increasingly challenging.

Their Estate Management Challenge

Our client needed support with managing his entire estate, including sourcing and managing vendors, maintaining systems throughout the property, supervising staff, managing budgets, and coordinating events. The challenge that our client faced was that the time commitment needed to manage the property was more than he had to give on a day to day basis;  so he wanted to alleviate the burden of estate management by streamlining operations and finding the right kind of assistant for the role. He also sought support for his other properties once a solid trust was established with the estate manager.

The My Family Lounge Solution

My Family Lounge stepped in and conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s estate and all related management needs. Our team leveraged its recruitment expertise and industry knowledge to identify and vet highly qualified and experienced estate managers. Our rigorous recruitment process ensured that we matched our client with an estate manager capable of handling all of his specific needs. The estate manager we placed with the client astutely took the reins on overseeing all operations across the estate.

Impact and Results 

Our tailored solution provided our client with various benefits:

✔︎  Time Savings: Our client is now able to save a significant amount of time as a result of outsourcing estate management responsibilities to the estate manager. He is now able to focus the freed up time on his businesses and other priorities.

✔︎  Enhanced operational efficiencies of the estate: The estate manager took charge of various tasks such as vendor management and systems maintenance to streamline the management of the estate. This has resulted in improved efficiency of the overall operations of the property.

✔︎  Increased productivity & well-being: As a result of smoother operations and reduced workload, our client experienced improved productivity and better sleep in his life. Our client and his family are now freed from the burden of estate management and enjoy significantly higher levels of productivity and well-being.

What to Expect From Our Estate Management Services

Peace - of - Mind


Experience the ultimate tranquility by entrusting your estate management tasks to our dedicated Assistant service. Whether overseeing extensive property maintenance, coordinating events, or managing security operations, our professional estate assistants are equipped to handle every aspect of estate care with precision and dedication. Rest assured, everything is managed professionally and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy a serene and orderly environment on your property.



Your estate management team, including your personal assistant and Client Success Manager, fully understands the importance of your time and that of your estate. They are always prepared to respond swiftly and effectively, adapting to the specific demands of estate management with utmost dedication. Every task is handled as if it were their own, ensuring that you receive prompt and personalized service whenever needed, helping you maintain a well-managed and efficient estate.

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Trust and integrity are fundamental to our estate management and personal assistant services. We prioritize your confidentiality with the highest degree of seriousness. Gain complete peace of mind knowing that the management of your estate is in dependable hands. Rest assured as your estate's needs are addressed reliably and discreetly, ensuring everything operates smoothly and securely.

Cost - Effectiveness

Maximize your budget and streamline your estate management processes with our dedicated personal assistant services. Our team specializes in effectively overseeing your estate projects from start to finish. We carefully choose experts tailored to your specific requirements and secure competitive quotes to guarantee the best value. Trust us to manage every detail, saving you both time and money while maintaining high-quality standards.

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