Commonly Requested Services

Our goal is to provide our clients with the assistance they need across all areas of their lives. Refer to the categories below to see some of the most common services that we are asked to perform.

Home Service Requests

Source and manage home vendors; handyman, maintenance tech, housekeeper, gardener, etc.
Pay bills that are not on auto-pay and bookkeeping. 
Assist with errands; grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, picking up dry cleaning, etc.
Setting up/ attending service visits.
Home renovation projects, from a handyman to complete remodels.
Second and vacation home management, including airbnb services.
Create maintenance calendar, home emergency kits, and inventory lists. 

Lifestyle Service Requests

Online shopping and research related to your home/ family/ business.
Source and manage personal assistant to work with your project manager.
Source and manage/ coordinate with vendors; tutors, chefs, travel agents, family fun activities, etc. 
Create memorable friends and family experiences at your home or outside of the home.
Catering and event management for for family, social or business events or parties. 
Special dinner requests by one of our Chefs.
Meal prepping through one of our recommended services or specialized professionals. 
Set reminders - birthdays, events, appointments, recurring meetings, etc. 
Assist with insurance claims; travel, car, home, art, jewelry, etc. 
Manage family and children's calendars, activities, doctor appointments, dentist appointments.
Pet care including dog walkers, grooming, vet visit, and boarding.  

Health & Wellness Requests

Source and manage/ coordinate with vendors; personal trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists,     doctors, etc. 
Conduct a quarterly health audit based on your insurance so you can maximize your health benefits.
Research best gyms, yoga studios, bike rental companies, hikes, etc. 
Research and schedule appointments with any type of specialist needed.
Remind you of your upcoming appointments or classes. 

Business Service Requests

Source and coordinate with Executive Assistant, Chief of Staff, Admin, Social Media expert, etc.
Help support sales by servicing clients: qualifying leads, completing research, scheduling meetings         with the sales team, completing account management/ maintenance, etc.
Scheduling and calendar management for business. 
Office management support such as remembering employees birthdays/ important dates, purchasing     gifts or general office supplies, returns, business paperwork, Human Resources support, etc. 
Manage employees and maintain momentum through chief of staff services for your family                       foundations and businesses. 

Building LinkedIn connections for specific types of audiences.